Schedule: From 09:00 PM to 09:30 PM (Sat-Sun) on Colors Last Updated: 16 - Nov - 2019
The series portrays a Shiva temple in Dev Lali and the secret of mahashivratri beside a cremation ground where an unmarried woman worships Lord Shiva in that temple at 4 am can see her future husband's face. Evil spirits wander fearlessly at this time. Twenty years after the disappearance of her paternal aunt, Sandhya, an unmarried girl ends up in the same temple where her aunt had disappeared, through certain circumstances. There, she worships Lord Shiva, while being mesmerized by his dance with Goddess Parvati and in return she gets to see her future husband's face. Meanwhile, she gets engaged with Angad, her boss, but unfortunately she meets the man whom Lord Shiva had destined to be her future husband, during her ring ceremony, the man is supposed to be Angad's best friend Kapil. This raises a lot of confusion in Sandhya's mind . On the other hand, she also believes that Angad is in a relationship with another woman. Meanwhile all throughout the wedding rituals, Sandhya is constantly haunted by the ghosts and spirits stimulated by her at the temple, where every time Kapil saves her and instills more doubts about Angad in her. Finally, Sandhya decides to get married to Angad to test his loyalty, but as things had been destined by Lord Shiva, Sandhya gets married to Kapil. But it turns out that Kapil is an evil entity with hidden motives of revenge which he had been holding for the past two years. Soon Sandhya comes to know all of Kapil's evil ploys and regrets her misdeeds towards Angad, she realizes that Angad is her true love and shield from Kapil. Therefore, Sadhya and Angad marry each other but unfortunately Kapil possesses Angad's body after their marriage. Now how will Sandhya become a Kawach for her love from all evil??
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